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Paperless for HR

Seamless onboarding.

With Paperless, HR teams can fully automate employee agreement processes and create hassle-free onboarding experience for all candidates and employees.

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Build professional documents and forms in seconds.


Use our top-notch drag and drop builder to create stunning, professional looking documents and forms — no coding required.

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Build better documents faster:

Companies see an average 117% yearly increase in documents sent out. Make your team more productive with our no-code editor.

Personalize and send out documents with ease.

Eliminate manual document creation. Paperless makes it easy and extremely fast to customize your documents before sending.



Faster workflow

Speed up your document creation process and go from draft to send in no time, all in one plattform.



Reduction in turnaround time

More than 91% of all agreements and employee onboarding documents are completed in less than a day.

Put your brand in front when sending documents.


Guide your employees through a white-label document experience and highlight your brand in all documents sent out — no designer required.

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Experience the power of Paperless documents.


Industry-leading security and compliance. Hosted in Germany.

All documents are cryptographically signed, locked and protected from modifications and come with court-admissible audit trails.



Paperless complies with all privacy and legal requirements


Audit trails

Each document is accompanied by a sealed audit trail with all relevant meta-data

Exclusively hosted in Germany

All our servers are located in secure data centers in Germany


eIDAS conform

Paperless eSignatures are legally binding and eIDAS compliant

Get real-time updates of your sent documents.


Learn when your employees receive, open, fill and complete your document and act immediately when they get stuck in the process.

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Close more deals:

Our customers report an average 41% revenue growth in the 12 months after introducing Paperless by acting on document events.

Save time and avoid transfer errors with our API.


Use our REST-API and WebHooks to import data from completed documents automatically into your system.

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Process Automation leads to productivity boost:

By eliminating labour-intensive and error-prone data re-entry, companies using Paperless see an productivity increase of 65%.

Grow your team faster with Paperless.

Industry leaders use Paperless to safe time and expand faster while eliminating manual processes and errors.

ROI after switching to Paperless
reduction of turnaround time
increase in document completion

Become more efficient.

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